Getting There

Vision Boards and Voodoo Magic

Each night when I go to bed, I make a silent plea to the Sandman to let me rest peacefully, if only for this night. For the briefest moment, it almost appeared as if he heard me. I actually had a single night where I slept like a baby- not waking up once to a […]

So It Turns Out I Might Have Been Really Fucked Up for Pretty Much Forever, but I Think That It's Kind of A Good Thing?


“Going through some boxes from the basement, and came across this.” Typically when a young adult hears this from their father, they except to see some shitty Picasso-esque macaroni portrait, or ditalini maracas, or that tri-color ridged tube noodle necklace that you puked on in Kindergarten. (Seriously, why the fuck was everything made of out […]