Feeble Attempts to Convey This Mess in My Head

A More or Less Aimless Rambling That Took 3 Days to Write


I don’t know if it more stupefies or saddens me that each and every time someone seems surprised when they discover I have a head injury and/or cognitive impairments and/or slew of mental/emotional disorders (etc), I’m legitimately taken aback. Do I not have “BROKEN” stamped on my forehead in red ink? Can’t you see all […]

No, Seriously, What the Fuck is Going On?

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Sometimes I find meaning in the strangest things. Like for example in a He-Man song. Okay wait, maybe I should clarify. You see, despite my disgusting ignorance of all things pop culture I of course was no stranger to this gem: I didn’t however, realize that this was a parody of an actual song that came out close enough […]

Trains, Pains, and Dysfunctional Brains

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“It’s like I’m some sort of adrenaline junkie who gets off on emotional masochism.” Upon coming to this realization with Therapist #2 (of 7, going on 8, now), I was met with the clinical “you have to get sick and tired of getting sick and tired. You have to get tired of playing chicken with […]