June 2016

Video Games Killed My Radiologist... Sort Of...


“Isaac… Isaac… Can you hear me?” Anyone who’s played Deadspace 2 remembers this opening scene. If you don’t already have this nightmare burned into your memory, do so now. See what I mean? Terri-fucking-fying. So really it’s pretty rational that I would have an intense phobia of being restrained, especially in an area where I could easily get […]

Riley the Rapist: Stand Up, Speak Out, Fight Back!


Dictionary.com’s word of the day is comity. Definitions for comity mutual courtesy; civility. Also called comity of nations. courtesy between nations, as in respect shown by one country for the laws, judicial decisions, and institutions of another. Ironic that today’s trending article should also be about one Brock Turner, the 20 year old Olympic hopeful and frat boy extraordinaire. […]