A Blue Moon Ohana


This may come as a surprise to some of you, but the life of a depressive, socially inept shut-in is a rather dull one. There are often days, sometimes even weeks, where I lose track of time; My life becomes a constant routine of eat, shit, sleep, repeat. Saturday morning was no different. I slid off the bed, an exhausted pile of goo, willing myself to solidify and face the day.

Then a thing happened. A big thing.

I was walking through Kohl’s with my boyfriend’s Mother when I got a friend request from a woman named “Julie”. Not being one to generally accept unsolicited friend requests, I considered simply deleting it. I perused her profile and, being intrigued by her personality and our oddly similar interests, deciding to shoot her a nonchalant, “Do I know you?” before making any decisions. But she’d beat me to it.

hey, this might sound kind of crazy… she began.

She introduced herself and inquired whether I was related to anyone named Rachel. She had been adopted, and had been desperately searching for her birth Mother for the better part of a decade. The only woman by that name I knew of having relation to was my Aunt, but I had no knowledge of her having a baby in that city on that day in ’88, or having any children outside of her 16 year old son. Still, my curiosity was piqued, so I thought, what the hell, and asked her if she happened to have put a daughter up for adoption that no one knew about.

yes- as a matter of fact I did….

My heart instantly leaped into my throat while my stomach somersaulted. I looked at my boyfriend’s Mother: Holy shit! Her jaw dropped as she covered her mouth. We had been noting similarities in her features, and jokingly confirmed we must be related when we saw the photo of a cat on her wall. I felt the hot flush rise up through my chest, flooding my face and filling my ears. I was completely incapable of processing what I’d just read, let alone speak. I felt hot tears welling up as it began to sink it. My heart drummed in overdrive. This woman was my cousin.

I had no idea what to say. “Welcome to the family!” I typed, my thumbs completely detached from my brain. I’d say you could imagine the flurry of emotions that went through all parties involved, but I can still hardly grasp it myself. We began talking; there was so much to catch up on, but all either of us could really muster was wow.


That morning I had woken up with a pounding headache and programmed distaste for the day. By lunch I had found a long lost family member, and a new friend. A stunningly gorgeous woman only 3 years my elder with a shared passion for nature, psychology, and animals.  A woman who had wondered for ages who her biological Mother was- what she looked like, what she loved, and so much more. Someone I could have been building pillow forts and sharing secrets with all these years (Fuck that, I’m an adult. I can still have slumber parties if I damned well please!) Here was someone who had devoted so much of herself into this journey, when I myself sat ambition-less day in and day out.

That evening I found myself at the beach in South Haven, watching the sun disappear beneath the waves, making room for the Blue Moon. I took a few photos, none of which were capable of remotely capturing the beauty I was surrounded by. Just as these words do so little justice to the euphoria and love I’m so very grateful to be experiencing.


Welcome to the Family, Julie… <3


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    Julie is my best friend in the world, she’s more like a sister to me. I cannot begin to thank you for the gift you gave her with those 4 words. This is a beautiful tribute. I’m in tears ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      She seems pretty wonderful. I’m honored to call her my cousin, for certain! 🙂

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    Julie is an amazing powerhouse of a woman. I have a feeling she is just as lucky as you to have each other. I wish you both and her birth mother nothing but the best as you all learn each others quirks.

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      Thanks so much. We’re all feeling quite lucky!

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    Angela, you have an incredible talent for writing. This is beautiful. I worked with Julie for a short time and I am so honored I had that opportunity. Julie hasn’t had it easy yet she continues to shine. She is the true definition of beauty. Yes, she nice to look at with her porcelain skin, her smile and those eyes but none of that compares to her inner beauty. I’m old enough to be her mom and ever since I met her I have been so proud of her. Funny you mention the similarities between the two of you. I stalked your profile after you commented on Julie’s post and all I could say was “wow”. Nature vs nurture. I believe nurturing is strong but wow, you sure can’t deny nature.

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      Your compliment has me blushing! I do feel that the Universe has brought us together for a reason. We’re all so happy to have her in our hearts.

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    I do not know you, but I have known Julie for a few years now and I can honestly say that she helped save me and she has a soul that could never even be explained, because it is so beautiful. Through your writing, and through the tears, I realized that you too are one hell of a woman and you completely are related and of the same blood. I am so excited for you all, this is one of life’s gifts and those gifts are the greatest. Congratulations to you all, you’re all very beautiful and special to this universe. Hugs!

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      Thank you so much for your kind words, John. I feel as though I’ve found my Twin. She’s truly amazing, and clearly so loved…

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