Still Alive, Still Crazy... [Comfy Edition]

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For those of you wondering if I wasn’t kidding about getting arrested on my birthday, I assure you, I am still a free woman. As free as a socially dysfunctional anxiety-riddled recluse can be, that is. Why was I talking about getting arrested on my birthday? Maybe you should have been following me on Twitter like […]

Vision Boards and Voodoo Magic

Each night when I go to bed, I make a silent plea to the Sandman to let me rest peacefully, if only for this night. For the briefest moment, it almost appeared as if he heard me. I actually had a single night where I slept like a baby- not waking up once to a […]

To Live in Darkness

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Those who know me know that I spend a great deal of my time reading. It may appear a luxury, to some. Personally I see it as a means of escape- one of the few healthy outlets I’m able to partake in wholeheartedly. To escape the noise, the anxiety, the depression- reality. Ironically, the genres I […]