A More or Less Aimless Rambling That Took 3 Days to Write


I don’t know if it more stupefies or saddens me that each and every time someone seems surprised when they discover I have a head injury and/or cognitive impairments and/or slew of mental/emotional disorders (etc), I’m legitimately taken aback. Do I not have “BROKEN” stamped on my forehead in red ink? Can’t you see all […]

Here's to Whatever's Coming

As another year draws to a close, I catch myself falling into the “New Year, new me” trap. Now, I’m the first to roll their eyes at everyone making their list of generic resolutions. And yet here I am, calculating macro-nutrients and looking up new yoga routines as I salivate over the thought of a […]

T-Shirt Fundraiser In Honor Of Cheo! #TrueColorsForCheo

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[[Fundraiser Link:¬†https://www.customink.com/fundraising/forcheo]] Since writing Wednesday’s post in honor of Cheo, I’ve had over 800 views on this blog. That’s almost 20% of all the views I’ve ever gotten in the one and a half year history of this site. Never in a million years would I have expected to get this kind of reach. Not […]

Be Happy. Be Kind. And Fuck Pants. #ForCheo

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I wish I weren’t writing this. I’ve had quite the productive day, and I know exactly why. I’m procrastinating. I’m waiting. I’m hoping that if I put off putting the words out there, that perhaps I’ll come to find I just misunderstood the whole situation. That I was mistaken. My friend’s not dead. The Tribe […]